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Flow on the Big Thompson below Lake Estes is still rising and is at 600 cfs. Updated 6/16/2017.   For these flows big flies on a dropper will work wonders; Pheasant tail, Prince nymph or Pat’s Rubber Legs will help get flies to the bottom in these flows. Follow with a copper ribbed RS-2  or a red Two Bit Hooker. Fat caddis nymphs are also getting attention.  Hopper dropper season is here, so a Chubby Chernobyl with any of the above nymphs will work well.  The inlet to Lake Estes is very low but still fishing well on sow bugs.

The Big Thompson through the park is finally dropping in flow and is at 300 cfs through Moraine Park.  Pink and Purple San Juan worm following a small stonefly pattern are working well for the main streams.  Black Copper John has worked well for black stoneflies that are coming off now.  A small Parachute Adams or stimulator and dropper are good dry fly options.

The lower stretch from the park entrance to Wild Basin trailhead is fishing well with small pheasant tails and blue poison tungs.  Good action on Parachute Adams in the afternoon, Deer Hair Ants and Hoppers on the surface.

There is good action for Brown trout above Sheep lake.  Parachute Adams and Caddis dries have worked well.  For nymphs soft hackle pheasant tails and Yellow Micro May.

Fishing is very good on Glacier Creek.  Brookies on the lower section with Greenback Cutthroats up near Bear Lake.  Pink and Purple worms are working great here too with similar lead flies to the Big Thompson canyon with a bead head pheasant tail or Prince nymph.

Below the Alluvial Fan to the Fall River you can pick up brooks, browns, greenbacks.  Pink San Juan is the best nymph.  Dry action of Yellow Sallies and Parachute Adams.  Above the Falls is still mostly barren of trout from the Flood.  You start finding the Greenbacks again when you get above the Ypsilon turnoff.

The upper lakes in the park are still frozen, however Fern Lake and lower lakes have open water.  Pink and Purple San Juan below the surface and small Para-Adams on the surface will catch you a lot of nice trout. Another good strategy to try on the inlet and outlets of the upper lakes is a dry ant pattern.

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