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Updated 6/28/2018 The flows on the Big Thompson below Lake Estes is holding steady at 125 CFS. We have been seeing  Fish in the Canyon are looking up we have seen Yellow Sallies, PMDs, midges, and Caddis hatching. Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, and Quigley’s Stacker Sally are all catching fish on the surface. For nymphs try the Sizzlin Hot Spot Squirrel, Guides Choice Hares Ear, and Lawson Electric Caddis.

The Big Thompson through the park is flowing at 70 cfs through Moraine Park, and steadily dropping daily. This is well below the historical average for this time of year. We are seeing Red Quills, Midges, Grey Drakes, and a handful of Golden Stones. A hopper dropper rigs is working best with these lows flows. A Chubby Chernobyl, Deer Hair Ant, Extended Body Drake, and Quigley’s Split Flag Adams are great surface options. Try the Micro Mayfly, Two Bit Hooker, and Sizzlin Hot Spot Squirrel for sub surface options.

The lower stretch from the park entrance to Wild Basin trailhead has come down and is fishing great. Fish are holding in the small soft pockets along the banks and behind rocks.  Bugs are coming off in numbers with Drakes and midges being the predominate hatches.  Terrestrials are producing great numbers of fish.  Deer Hair Ant, Hi-Vis Beatle, and Morrish Hopper are great surface patterns.  Try a Yellow Micro Mayfly, Copper John, or Gold Lighting Bug for nymphing

The Fall River west of the Alluvial Fan is fishing well for brook trout. Size 14 Amy’s Ant, trailed with a size 18 Parachute Adams is a great tandem dry fly rig. Stealth and long cast are helpful for this area as the fish are bit spooky in this slower meandering section.

Fishing is very good on Glacier Creek.  Brookies on the lower section with Greenback Cutthroats up near Bear Lake.  The pocket water is fishing great, droping a Size 14 Deer Hair Ant, trailed with a size 18 Tan Elk Hair Caddis in every slow pocket is producing numbers of fish. Blue Poison Tung, Rainbow Warrior, and Yellow Micro Mayflies are the best sub surface producers.

The Roaring River is fishing best above the falls, but the pockets of the Alluvial Far are also starting to fish well. You can find the fish holding in the seams close to the bank and in the small pockets behind the boulders. A size 16 Stimulator with a size 18 Yellow Micro Mayfly dropper is the best bet for this area.

The high mountain lakes are fishing great. Fish are cruising the shore looking for terrestrials to drop from the trees. Midge hatches are been great in the evenings bringing tons of fish to the surface. Size 14 Flying Black Ant with size 18 Black Zebra Midge will catch the fish cruising along the bank. Use the size 20 and smaller Parachute Adams trail with a size 20 or smaller Stuck in Shuck Midge for the evening midge hatches at the lakes.

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